Friday, May 28, 2010

Green Building Video Roundup

We're not going to delve into anything deeply substantive until after the holiday weekend.  Check out these video shorts on Green Building topics:
  • Baldwin Homes' new Preserve at Severn Run community features an innovative Coastal Outfall System for stormwater management, designed to create its own ecosystem in a few years, so it might not even be perceptible as a stormwater management system.  Click here for a video presentation on the system. 
  • Trauner Consulting's Construction Netcast site features netcasts on a number of construction topics.  Click here to see Scott Lowe discuss the use of photographs to document issues on the jobsite as they occur.
  • Energy Star's National Building Competition is a competition among 14 commercial and institutional buildings nationwide to see who can eliminate the most energy waste.  Two area buildings are among the contestants: the 1525 Wilson Boulevard office building in Arlington, Virginia and the Sears in the Marley Station Mall in Glen Burnie, Maryland.  Energy Star is styling the contest as a reality show, "Biggest Loser"-esque event.  In that spirit, click here for a pep talk to the contestants from fitness expert Bob Harper.

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