Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maryland's New "Right to Dry" Law

Two weeks back, in this post, we noted the General Assembly's passage of SB 224, which bans prohibitions by homeowner and condominium associations on the use of clotheslines to dry laundry.  Governor O'Malley signed the bill into law on Tuesday, May 4.  WTP attorneys Martha Perkins and Joe Douglass today released an analysis of the new law for HOA's and condo associations; click here to check it out.


  1. This is great! What about DC? I cannot find anythng in the code.

  2. The District appears not to have enacted any law addressing this issue to date, and it does not look like there are any bills on the matter pending in the Council, either.

  3. The only regulation in DC, that I have found, prohibits the drying of clothes in the front of a property in the "public parking", or easement/shared sidewalk area in front of the property.
    To read the exact wording, download the text here:
    It seems that laundry drying in the backyard is not restricted in the District, though, based on my searches. Which means a clothesline should be permissible, also assuming the property owner allows it.